If you’re going to attend an event…make a LIST on Facebook. Here’s how and why

What: Create Two or Three Lists on Facebook

Why: This way you can create Status Updates and show them to only a Specific List of friends

Bigger Why: You can quickly listen to, comment on and interact with one specific group at a time.

Benefits: Time. Efficiency. Relationship development. Simplicity.

How: Go to “Account” – Select “Edit Friends” – click on “Create List” – Name it after the event you are attending – then click on “Create List” again.

Other Uses of a List: EVERYDAY I hear “I don’t do business on Facebook…” For those of you in that boat, the List concept is for you! Create two lists. Call one Personal. Call the other Business. Now go through all your FB friends and add each person to one or the other.

What good will that do? Good question. Now, for every status update that you create you can release it to one or both lists.

What I do: I have three lists. Business. Personal. And an event list.

How to post for a specific list: Create your status update. Before you hit “Share” click on the lock and select “Customize”. Then use the drop down to select “Specific People”. Type in the name of the list that you want to include.

Rock n Roll. There you go!


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Quantum Leap #4 – From “What to do” to “How to do it”

“A list of goals is not a Business Plan.”

How about this for example? How To Make Your Spouse Feel Good The next time you see your spouse just say, “Honey, you look great today.” That is the “what” to do. Do you realize there are about twenty different ways to say that one sentence and probably half or more of them are certainly not going to make your spouse feel good. How you do it is going to make all the difference in the world. For instance, when you lift the ‘ay’ in today, you just told your spouse he or she has looked less than great every other day. Ouch.

I’d like to introduce you to a formula that you can overlay any list of goals to bring them much closer to completion. For lack of a better name, I call it the Achievement Trifecta. For each goal write out the answer to these three questions:

  • What do I need to KNOW in order to get this done?
  • What do I need to HAVE in order to get this done?
  • What do I need to DO in order to get this done?

KNOW is the head-knowledge and how portion. HAVE are tools and systems. DO is the specific action that will bring about the desired result.

Bottom Line? If you can’t answer all three…get a coach or two.


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Is The Golden Rule Killing Your Business?

What’s the Golden Rule? “Do unto others …………..” Did you finish it?
“As you want them to do unto you.” That’s really close right?

Here’s the deal. You might want to read this twice: Pretty much all people, including you, tend to think that everyone else, although not as smart, tend to think the same way they think. For instance, information gatherers tend to gather information and share that info with pretty much anyone that will listen because they tend to figure that everyone else wants to and needs to accumulate the information that (lucky for you) they’ve got.

So if you are the type that puts a high priority on your time, really likes to win, frequently find yourself saying to yourself when others are talking “What’s the bottom line here? Just get to the point!” AND IF you play by the Golden Rule then you will likely speak quickly and get right to the point by focusing on the bottom line.

Ding. Ding. Ding. If that is you and you tend to do that, THEN it is highly likely that you will lose with as much as 66% of your prospective clients.

Try the Platinum Rule: Do Unto Others As They Would Prefer To Be Done Unto

I love that! Now. In order to put that rule into motion all you’ve got to do is find a resource that will teach you the various behavior profiles, how to quickly identify them and how you should modify your presentation and delivery. Awesome.


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Header Photo Provided by John Hurlbut

Thank You to John Hurlbut for letting me use one of his fantastic photos for my blog header!

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Elements of a Modern Business Plan

Would an investor or portfolio manager, after reviewing my 2011 Business Plan, invest in my company? Would I invest in my company after reviewing my business plan for 2011?

IF it has the following elements then the likelihood will go up…

Lead Generation Plan/Model –> Inquiries  (Goal) –> Appts (Goal) –>
–> Agreements (Goal) –> Contracts (Goal) –> Clo$ings (Goal)

What’s so “modern” about that?! That part labeled Lead Generation Plan/Model and all the seemingly little stuff that you do using technology to increase your conversion rates. More about that later…

Here’s the (first) really BIG DEAL… This symbol (–>) is where you have to input conversion rate or conversion ratios. He/She who knows their numbers i.e. conversion ratios will ALWAYS beat the one who doesn’t. Further, no one will invest 25 pennies in your business if you do not know your conversion ratios. Period.

Here’s the (second) really BIG DEAL…Is your Lead Generation Plan really a plan with a specific target (motivated buyers and sellers) and does it use proven technology to get you into conversation with a predictable number of this target audience every week?

Once you’ve received the inquiry (entered into conversation) do you have a specific plan for guiding that conversation to the desired outcome ie an appointment?
Hopefully you see where this is going…

Today technology is just plain awesome! And complicated. And confusing. And super powerful…IF you know how to use it to your advantage. Are you using Social Media to expand your reach? In other words, are you using it to get into conversation with more of your target buyers and sellers? You should be! Are you using technology to increase your conversion ratios? You should be!

A couple preliminary BPlan questions:
1) How much money do I want to earn…after expenses?
2) What and how much are my expenses?
3) What’s my likely average commission?
4) How many transactions will it take then to hit my target take-home income?
5) What % of my closings will be buyers and what % will be sellers?
6) WHO is my target? <—- Answer that one and you are in the top 5%

Compliance Note: This is neither WHAT TO DO nor HOW TO DO IT. These are merely elements one might find in a Modern Business Plan.


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“That Damn Facebook!”

Near as I can tell there seem to be three categories of agents and lenders:
1) I’m NEVER gonna “do facebook”!
2) I’m kinda doing it and
3) “Oh Yeah! All the time.”

I’m not going to tell you to get off Facebook. BUT I will say this, and you should read it a couple times, Facebook has raised the bar for all of us in any sort of relational sales business.

Why do I say that? Because IF you are “on Facebook” and in relationship with your clients of today, tomorrow and yesterday, you HAVE TO demonstrate value, build trust and convey competence over a long period of time without boring or offending your client.

Beware! If you do not know who you are communicating with, what to say, how to say it, how often it should be said, how to not offend, how to not be boring, what causes people to trust and loose trust and the priorities and fears of your “friends” and you are not being purposeful about this relational, conversational messaging then you may be in trouble going forward.

Stay tuned…

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What Is ModernBusinessBuilder.com

It’s my project. A test of self if you will…to find out if what’s in my head when puked out with purpose will be worth reading. Not just entertaining but valuable to business owners who seek to increase production and market share.

It seems to me that there are many who claim to know how people today think and very few of them offer to teach you. There are LOTS of people who advise on Social Media, LOTS who advise on Lead Generation, and about a billion who claim to have the newest ‘must have’ ‘game changing’ technology.

It is my theory that the business landscape, business leaders of tomorrow want to know how to put these all together in order to win. There will be a handful who just wanna figure out just enough to keep the lights on. That’s fine. You are welcome here as well.

So. That’s what I will try to do here…Create a marriage of psychology, behavior profiling, best business practices and the application of the most cutting edge technology (that has at least begun to prove itself).

Keep up by becoming a Fan at

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